ravens dance testimonial

We have a very heavy hard bottom 10' West Marine (I think it is built by Avon) with a Merc 9.9. The lift (rated at 600 lb load) easily lowers and lifts three people and strains just a bit with four, but not necessarily so. I only notice the strain with four people when the batteries are low.

The lift has enables us to take our elderly parents on cruises that we would not otherwise be willing to undertake. From a safety and security perspective, the tender is always only a step away.

Rather than use the Leahman to troll for Salmon, I lower the lift onto our tender, secdure it with a couple of llines, start the kicker, climb back aboard and steer from the helm at trolling speed while Vickie fishes. When a fish is on I simply climb back down to the platform, cut the kicker power, net the fish and throw it in a cooler that is also secured to the platform.

For bottom fishing, we sit in one place while three or four people fish for Halibut, Snapper, etc. I sit on the platform with a net, gaff or sidearm and dispatch the catch. I then drag it on to the platform, clean and filet. The stink’n, slimy fish never come aboard untill they are processed. It is very cool and has enabled me to sip many a martini while my wife fishes.

We also use the lift as a dive platform for hull maintenance. We back into our slip to load or off-load heavy items, like Vicki’s occassional =/-100lb yard art (driftwood, old mining gear, etc,). And we enjoy taking a deck chiar and drink onto the “elevator”, lower ourselves to water level and watch wildlife and sunsets.

Okay, it also serves well for its intended use of transporting and launching the tender. And the performance has been flawless. John has truly designed a maintenance-free piece of equipment.

Frank Prewitt,
Raven’s Dance

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